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Hangkai Group, Hoymiles Converter Technology Co., LtdHangkai Group, Hoymiles Converter Technology Co., Ltd

Hangkai Group, located in No.18, Kangjing Road Hangzhou, is a comprehensive and modernized enterprise group characterized by multi-industry cooperation with equipment manufacturing as its main industry. The Group started as Hangzhou Switch Factory which dates back to the year of 1958. With an illustrious industrial background and through decades of reforms, it is now endowed with great vitality for development and innovation.

The group possesses ten-odd subordinate wholly-owned (holding) companies and has a manufacturing production base covering a total area of 200,000 square meters. The subordinate companies deal with the following products including high and low voltage switch cabinets, electronic transmission and transformation equipment and large scale heat exchangers. With traditional manufacturing industry as their pillar, they have also developed emerging industries related to water, new energy, busbar-system, rare-earth permanent magnet motors, solar power system and power electronics conversion techniques. At the same time, they are also involved in fields like venture capital investment and cultural tourism. In a word, the Group is going all out to upgrade and optimize industrial patterns while still possessing a complete traditional industry chain.

Having gone through all the vicissitudes of more than half a century, from its very inception, Hangkai Group has taken the task of revitalizing national industries as its own obligation. With ‘professionalism, integrity and innovation’ as its purpose, the Group keeps forging ahead with a down-to-earth manner to search for a new development direction; bearing a scientific notion and harmonious attitude, it is devoted to achieving a win-win situation for the companies, the employees and society and to doing its part for the great rejuvenation of our nation and to make the world a better place.